What We Stand For

Centaur Connection’s mission is to provide access to world class resources to create a greater understanding about connecting with horses, to dispel myths and minimise confusion. It’s about overcoming misunderstandings that come from fear.

Our Core Principles include:

* Understanding & Connection Through Empathy : understand horse needs and behaviour so you can meet their needs and appreciate how they experience their world. This will enable you to empathise and communicate with horses in a way that they relate to

* Compassionate Leadership : Learn how to become more self-aware of how your behaviour influences horses. Understand who you need to be to set pace, tone, intention and purpose

* Simplified Horse Care and Training Principles to minimise confusion, dispel myths and fear of not being competent enough and achieve it with minimal equipment that is proven effective.

* Respecting Individuality : insight into horse behaviour that’s not in the textbooks – the exceptions to the average

* Your Self Development – Really Know Yourself, Overcoming Resistances, Fears and Obstacles and Beliefs that hold you back from achieving connection