What We Stand For

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Centaur Connection’s mission is to create a greater understanding of horses and ourselves and improving the connection between them.

Our Core Principles include:

* Developing Understanding & Harmonious Connection Through Empathy : understand horse needs and behaviour so you can meet their needs and appreciate how they experience their world. This will enable you to empathise and communicate with horses in a way that they relate to

* Compassionate Alpha Leadership : Learn how to become more self-aware of how your behaviour influences horses. Understand who you need to be to set pace, tone, intention and purpose

* Simplified Horse Care and Training Principles to minimise confusion, dispel myths and fear of not being competent enough and achieve it with minimal equipment that is proven effective.

* Respecting Individuality : insight into horse behaviour that’s not in the textbooks – the exceptions to the average

* Your Self Development – Really Know Yourself, How You Interact with the world and in All Relationships, The Effect of Early Childhood Years on Shaping Our Behaviour as Adults, Overcoming Resistances, Fears and Obstacles and Beliefs that hold you back from achieving

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