Listening, not Whispering

From as far back as I can remember, I have always had an affinity for connecting with and healing animals.  I am not comfortable with being called a Horse Whisperer,. If I was to describe what I do its Horse Listening.

I don’t seem to be afraid of animals even if they’re seemingly aggressive. Somehow, I see through all the noise and understand their intention and expression of needs and boundaries. I’ve also always had the ability to read and understand people and their underlying drivers of behaviours although it has been a journey in life to learn to establish firmer boundaries and manage my own nature.

I’m not sure if I can completely articulate how I do what I do as it has become instinctive now drawing on my knowledge combined with a feeling, observing and responding.  The knowledge comes from experience working with horses. The confidence and trust around animals I was born with. 

I’m certain we all have different talents and I believe it’s our birth responsibility to not waste our one life and embrace what we have been born with to the best of our ability to add value to the world, not keep taking from it and abusing what we have.

My methods are drawn from hands-on experience combined with insight from scientific learning and research in my search for answers.  My methods may be for you or they may not.  I think everyone’s journey is their own as is every relationship. 

What I am sharing is my observations, the experiences I have had with horses often learning the hard way, what I've learned that you won’t find in the textbooks, and the evolution of what I learn as I work with more horses and more people.

I trust you’ll gleam some insight that may benefit your horses, as well as you and your personal growth and understanding.

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