Leadership is Energetically Dynamic not a Fixed Hierarchy

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Contrary to popular beliefs, the herd structure with horses is not hierarchical with a lead mare ‘assigned’ as alpha. 

The herd and horse social relationships are dynamic that change with the herd combination and environment. 

Just like us horses have tendencies towards certain behavioural expressions. This can be affected by their genetic predisposition, their energetic state affected by the environment, and learnt behaviours.  Some horses are more likely to be more domineering of others, which may involve chasing others or energetically regulating access to resources, while other horses prefer to keep to themselves more and avoid conflict. 

In different combinations of horses these dynamics can change, and it can change frequently.   Every time a horse is removed out of a herd structure, the reintegration occurs and reshuffling of the herd order can occur, in most cases the pecking order remains the same, until one or more horses' motivations change and a reshuffling occurs.

This occurs in people dynamics as well. There is an energetic exchange that occurs between individuals in all circumstances.

It is only a respect for a structure or system that creates benefit for all parties combined with a balancing of energetic states that maintains the equilibrium.
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