The Cycle of Fear

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Having a fear of something can be a huge hindrance to you achieving what you want to in life.

It’s important to understand that fear is a primal biological response that is a response to our interpretation of as aspect of our environment. This could be an external stimulus or our internal thinking or feeling. It is the precursor for the shift in our nervous system to fight or flight mode.

There are degrees of fear too. Some are tangible and current while others like the monsters in your head and those created by negative self-talk are not tangible but can loop to feel very real.

Fear is exhausting as it draws on your adrenal reserves. It’s a short life fuel and yet we as humans can tend to create situations around us that stimulate fear and drain ourselves.

I don’t believe it’s appropriate to never have fear. It’s appropriate to have a sense of self preservation, however fear can become unresourceful and its important to be able to critically assess your fear response, understand its origin and evaluate if it’s appropriate for the situation at hand.

Importantly as horses are acutely aware of your non-verbal cues, your self-awareness and ability to get your fear in check is critical as what can occur is the cycle of fear in which you are transmitting a fear response, your horse read’s it and gets nervous, then you get more nervous and the cycle between the two of you keeps going and grows.

Additionally, if you have a very real fear because of a previous incident, then it’s important to reprogram your mental, emotional and physiological automated response to that historical event. It was a real event however it’s important to keep it looping from the past. In these situations, I assist clients with Meta Dynamics coaching sessions to get to the core of the underlying pattern.

My tips on managing fear are:

Do a Fear Risk Assessment and assess if its tangible and present now and the risk factor associated with it. Can you set yourself up for success by managing the environment?

Get your energy state right and grounded. You are in control of your emotional state and mindset, not the environment. Shift your focus

If you have a valid fear from a previous incident, then it’s important to move forward from this event with psychological and physiological clearing

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