Achieving Willing Cooperation

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Connection with horses comes through the understanding of the horse as it has been designed by nature as well as appreciating how you influence the horse. This requires the ability to read and correctly interpret behaviour, capture their attention, build rapport, understand how your energetic state and mindset affect your non-verbal cues, and communicate with the horse in a way that makes sense to the horse, so it willingly follows your lead, as the healer, the teacher, the social connector, the provider. These qualities are all attributes of Compassionate Alpha Leadership.

Achieving Willing Cooperation with Horses through Compassionate Alpha Leadership

Compassionate Alpha Leadership maximises the potential of individuals to develop a cooperative relationship that maintains respect for individual needs and boundaries without undermining a sense of self and self-esteem through oppression while still achieving outcomes. It is effective in horse training and in leadership development of people.

As a Compassionate Alpha Leader, it is your responsibility to maintain the horse’s needs and regulate the expressed behaviour for the desired outcome in a way that doesn’t oppress the soul, but also to ensure you are regulating your own needs and state of being so you are the calm amongst the storm always.

Our Top 10 Tips

Our top 10 tips to achieve the ultimate connection with your horse are:

1. Ensure needs are met (don’t assume) – both the horses and yours. This ensures clear focus and negates the need for a connection to be focussed on meeting a need e.g. hunger

2. Respect individual boundaries (physical and emotional)

3. Consistency in communication

4. Communicate in their language and use referential gestures to bridge the gap of understanding

5. Understand their behaviours (don’t put your stuff on them & don’t humanise it)

6. Allow and encourage the expression of their individuality (within boundaries)

7. Allow and encourage natural curiosity (respectful sharing of your space if invited)

8. Correct the behaviour, don’t crush the soul, individuality or willingness to be vulnerable

9. Build a Care & Trust Bank through mutual grooming, first aid, trust tests

10. Bring a childlike curiosity, lightness and playfulness to the connection. Laugh off the mistakes instead of being angry about it and punishing it

The way of being a Compassionate Alpha Leader can be learnt through utilisation of The Centaur Connection Method ™.  The method has been developed over a lifetime of horsemanship and focussed observation of horses in herds in a breeding environment that provided insight into the cycle of nature, unpredictable behaviours and everything that is contrary to the textbooks.     It blends horsemanship skills with leadership methods from project management, behavioural science, psychology, physiology, Eastern & Western medicine principles in a unique mind-body-soul connection method to improve communication and connection to enhance motivation and engagement for targeted results.

Our Foundational Horsemanship Program is now available with 1-1 private tuition with our trained horses plus supporting online content (published on or before 2 April 2019). Advanced Connection training with your horse, weekend clinics, mini-workshops and Bootcamp programs are also available.

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