Achieving a Meaningful Connection with Horses

Developing a quality and meaningful connection of trust and playfulness with horses comes through the understanding of the horse as it has been designed by nature as well as appreciating how you influence the horse.

This requires the ability to read and correctly interpret behaviour, capture their attention, build rapport, understand how your energetic state and mindset affect your non-verbal cues, and communicate with the horse in a way that makes sense to the horse, so it willingly follows your lead, as the healer, the teacher, the social connector, the provider. These qualities are all attributes of Compassionate Alpha Leadership.

Compassionate Alpha Leadership maximises the potential of individuals to develop a cooperative relationship that maintains respect for individual needs and boundaries without undermining a sense of self and self-esteem through oppression while still achieving outcomes. It is effective in horse training and in leadership development of people.

As a Compassionate Alpha Leader, it is your responsibility to maintain the horse’s needs and regulate the expressed behaviour for the desired outcome in a way that doesn’t oppress the soul, but also to ensure you are regulating your own needs and state of being so you are the calm amongst the storm and the lead of the dance partnership.

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