The Bombproof Horse

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

It's common for buyers to want a horse that comes with bubble wrap and airbags.

Buyers want to fall in love 🤗😍 with a horse and so they are vulnerable to charismatic people who tell them whatever they want to hear to make a sale.

Sadly because of the love bliss, buyers often don't check facts and then end up with a horse-owner mismatch and then blame emerges and the story expands into gossip. Pardon the pun but get your facts straight from the horses mouth and don't encourage gossip or scaremongering 😫

Be aware

Be informed

Even if the seller is a trainer or coach or stud

Ensure the seller shows you the horse at its worst 🐴

And ensure they make sure you can handle the horse in this state of behaviour

You cannot know a horse when it is calm in a paddock being fed and getting hugs

You have to see how it is under pressure and in different environments

I don't 'sell' horses to anyone just for the sale. When I do have horses for sale I match horses to people and I have refused to sell horses to buyers many times. The majority of horses I've sold over the years are still with the original buyers in loving, long term homes.

Unfortunately, in a couple of instances I sold horses on good faith to competent riders and they were then resold shortly after for the purposes of making a profit leveraging off my brand but without the same matching process that I follow. This was nothing to do with the horse.

Horses are living, breathing creatures who respond to their environment just like us.

They have good days and bad days.

It takes two to tango and it's the attributes of both the horse and the handler that makes the combination of a good partnership and this onus is most heavily weighted on the handler".

There are so many factors that influence behaviour and it's your responsibility as a horse handler to be competent at managing that horse. More importantly, YOU need to be able to manage YOURSELF to achieve that especially when you're having a bad day... you need to step up.

It's not about being dominant, it's about being able to lead and read a situation and modulate the responses in order to achieve a positive outcome for you and the horse.

When I show people a horse that I have for sale I declare everything I know about that horse and I prefer the horse to demonstrate any quirk and have a 'bad day' because I want to ensure the buyer is able to see that behaviour and understand how to handle that on any given day.

Stop blaming .. the horse .. the equipment .. the trainer .. the horse breed .. the environment

The reason I started Centaur Connection was as a result of my own journey learning the hard way. I got fed up with everyone having a well meaning opinion on how to train, how to feed. There were so many stories not based on facts, they were based on fear, or generalisations and quite often just made up so the person didn't look like they didn't know what they were doing 😫

So I took the best bits of my journey and what my horses and coaches taught me, and I studied to get the facts so I could help others to create quality connections with horses and improve safety and care and achieve a better understanding about horses and how we affect them ❤️

Please, if you buy a horse, especially if you are a beginner, have consistent professional training with someone who can help you and be buyer aware and take your time purchasing

The only truly bombproof horse is a rocking horse, and even then you might get a splinter
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