The Role of Authenticity in Connecting with Horses & People

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Our capacity to connect authentically with all creatures great and small is limited by our imagination, our ability to be truly present with an open and non-judgemental mind, and acceptance of others' boundaries and needs.

Without this, connections become an energetic push and shove that creates resistance and tension. They may last for a while, until they fall apart.

Having the capacity to build a solid connection with horses and people begins with self-awareness of our behaviour.

In order to truly connect with longevity, this requires putting in the work to achieve a true and honest connection to ourselves. If not we will only be able to connect and form 'relationships' in a limited capacity. They will be based on a foundation of reactions based on expectations lasting for a while and then dissolving. Our behaviour to meet our needs and overstepping boundaries will create meaninless pressure and misunderstandings.

By shedding our limiting beliefs, codependencies and society constructs about how others should be, only then can we become centred and accepting in a way that we don't overreact.

Only then can we create truly authentic connections embracing curiosity, playfulness and a willingness to explore without judgement as nature intended.

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