Compassionate Alpha Leadership

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

In order to achieve a truly honest, harmonious and trusting connection with horses, it's important to understand the horse as it has been designed by nature and have a heightened awareness of how you influence the horse.

This requires the ability to read and correctly interpret behaviour, capture their attention, build rapport, modulate your own cues, and connect with the horse in a way that it willingly follows your lead without adverse force. We define the trainer qualities that encompasses a way of being for the horse as Compassionate Alpha Leadership.

Compassionate Alpha Leadership maximises the potential of individuals to develop a cooperative relationship that maintains respect for individual needs and boundaries without undermining a sense of self and self-esteem through oppression while still achieving outcomes. It is effective in horse training and in leadership development of people.

As a Compassionate Alpha Leader, it is your responsibility to maintain the horse’s needs and regulate the expressed behaviour for the desired outcome in a way that doesn’t oppress the soul, but also to ensure you are regulating your own needs and state of being so you are the calm amongst the storm always.

The way of being a Compassionate Alpha Leader can be learnt through The Centaur Connection Method ™.  The method has been developed over a lifetime of horsemanship and focussed observation of horses in herds in a breeding environment that provided insight into the cycle of nature, unpredictable behaviours and everything that is contrary to the textbooks.     It blends horsemanship skills with leadership methods from project management, behavioural science, psychology, physiology, Eastern & Western medicine principles in a unique mind-body-soul connection method to improve communication and connection to enhance motivation and engagement for targeted results.

To develop your skills in caring for and training horses and connecting to horses authentically, contact us about our training programs by emailing

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