Horse Training

Centaur Connection provides a professional horse starting and dressage training service for clients who want to achieve optimal balance and performance in their horse.   We combine this with rider lessons on school horses so the horse and rider connection is optimised.  We also address biomechanical, tension and behavioural issues with bodywork and behaviour training.

The foundation of our training draws from classical dressage training methods combined with animal training psychology. Dressage is derived from the french word meaning 'training'.  It is the art of riding and training a horse in a manner that develops obedience, flexibility, and balance.  Its purpose is to strengthen and supple the horse while maintaining a calm and attentive demeanour.   Training progresses through the Scale of Training that offers riders a progressive and interrelated system through which to develop the horse over time.    Proper, professional dressage training benefits the horse physically, mentally and emotionally.

We offer a training package that includes agistment, feed and horse training. The training period is dependent on the horse's physical and learning capacity.    The longer we have time to work with the horse the more physical conditioning we can achieve and instil more training foundations.    Bear in mind that horses, like us, can only perform as well as its fitness will allow and horses also lose fitness and conditioning when not in work so this factor needs to be allowed for when booking your horse in for training with us.  We commence training of horses no sooner than 3yo, preferably starting them after 4yo.

We also offer fitness conditioning, behavioural issue training and tropical acclimatisation services. 

To book your horse in and to enquire about our training services, please email your training requirements to us at connect@centaurconnection.com.au