Centaur Connection Tracy Steinhardt P101

At Centaur Connection, our tuition is personalised to the client, covering a range of topics that are designed to help you develop empathy by improving your understanding of horses and yourself.   


During your learning experience, the following topics will be covered based on your individual learning needs.

We also have a Horsemanship Package that you can sign up for to ensure your lessons are more focussed on these learning topics in lieu of riding development

How We Influence Horses

Did you know that over 80% of our communication is non-verbal? 


Horses are masters at reading and interpreting non-verbal body language, and yet as humans, we can tend to lose our self-awareness and appreciating of our subtleties and how they affect horses. Understanding and appreciating how we influence horses is essential in developing empathy so we can regulate and fine-tune our behaviour to become more effective communicators.    

What We Teach on this Topic:

  • Understanding Your Body Language - through the Horses Senses

  • Reading Horse Body Language - the commonly confused signals

  • Know Your Behaviour Profile and How It Affects the Horse

  • Breath, Emotion and Energy Awareness

  • The Effect of Tension and some underlying causes

  • The Psoas and How Intestinal Contraction Affects Our Riding

  • Developing Empathy

  • Becoming Comfortable in Your Responsibilities as a Compassionate Alpha Leader of Your Horse

  • Understanding Fear and How to Handle It

  • Becoming a More Confident, Competent Rider

  • and more.....

Horse Care

Proper horse care is one of the essential elements in building a connection with your horse.   From housing and yards to nutrition and grooming, it's essential that you can meet, or preferably exceed the minimum requirements of horse care for optimal horse health.  Horse grooming provides many benefits to the horse and handler, and it is a similar form of communication used between horses.

What We Teach on this Topic:

  • Nutrition Effect on Horse Behaviour and What to Feed to Improve Connection

  • Healthy & Budget Conscious Nutrition

  • Nutrition Ways to Help your Moody Mare be more Manageable

  • Herbs You Shouldn't Feed Your Pregnant Mare

  • Is Sheath Cleaning Important

  • Effect of Nutrition on Hoof Quality

  •  Save Money and Ride More

  • Dental Care

  • Choosing a Horse for a Purpose by Assessing Conformation

  • The Cost of Owning and Caring for Horses

  • Vaccinations & Common Diseases

  • and more.....

Horse Behaviour

Understanding and appreciating horse behaviour, how they learn and how they communicate is essential in order to develop empathy and compassion with your horse.   

What We Teach on this Topic:

  • How Horses Learn

  • How Horses Communicate

  • Through the Horses' Senses - Stop Punishing Them for Doing What Comes Naturally

  • Learning to Listen 

  • You As the Trigger of Your Horse's Behaviour

  • Understanding Stereotypies and Unusual Behaviour

  • Breeding Behaviour That's Not in the Textbooks

  • Dispelling the Prey and Predator Principle

  • Moody Mare Management

  • and more.....

Horse Training

There are many useful techniques for training horses which we cover in our training programs.  One useful and often misunderstood method of training is lunging.   Correct use of lunging and understanding how it can be utilised as a communication tool is an extremely useful technique to improve the connection with your horse.   It's important to not be overwhelmed by the variety of equipment and develop safe and effective use of equipment and coordination.

Our Foundational Lunging method has blended the most simplified techniques and equipment for lunging and combined this with resources to help shape your thinking about safety and coordination, how you affect the horse, building a language that you and your horse can understand, and tips and tricks so you can use this as the foundation to advance further.  We've dispelled myths, explained the many benefits and designed this as most resources are far too complicated in their use of equipment which deters many people utilising this as a technique to connect with their horse. 

What We Teach on this Topic:

  • Long-Reining to Improve Connection

  • In-hand Training to Improve Biomechanics & Prevent Injury

  • Working on the Lunge Line to Develop Your Seat & Balance

  • How to Safely Introduce Play and Variety into your Training 

  • Exercises for Building Topline

  • Unshakable Confidence with Spooky Horses

  • Motivating the Stubborn Horse

  • and more.....