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Practical Horsemanship Connection

Content with Coaching Program

Our world-class content with coaching program
helps you deeply understand, train and connect
effectively with horses while developing
your own innate potential along the way


Our Practical Horsemanship Connection Program has been designed from the ground up with hands-on experience and knowledge drawn from science and nature to help you truly understand, train and connect effectively with horses while developing your own innate potential along the way

If you're feeling confused and losing confidence in your ability with working and connecting with horses,
you're not alone. ..

It doesn't matter what level of riding you are at, this Program provides you with perspectives and insight that get to the core of connection and performance issues that underpin any level of riding.   Every topic presented in this program, no matter how simple it may seem sometimes, presents a thinking style that teaches you to have awareness of your actions and behaviour on connecting. 

Maybe You Can Relate to some of the following:

  • you're in a muddle, knowing that you're not communicating clearly with your horse and every time you work with them you can tell they are distressed and confused by you and uncomfortable;
  • you may get nervous or experience training and behavioural issues with your horse, especially when you're out at an event;
  • everyone seems to have a different opinion that doesn't make any sense - you want to know the reality of horsemanship and horse care;
  • there is so much information out there you can't make sense of it and you struggle to connect the dots to apply the right info for the situation for the best result;
  • you doubt your ability and don't want to make a mistake, especially one that's costly or might hurt a horse;
  • there are a lot of things you've been told that make you scared of horses ;
  • you seem to always be arguing with your horse or anticipating some out of the ordinary behaviour;
  • you just want to make your horse feel at ease and build a partnership so you can enjoy things together;
  • you have tried a lot of different methods and trainers and you feel like you're going around in circles without progressing and know there is a better way;
  • you want to understand why you are doing what you are doing, what impact this has on the horse and the connection;
  • you want know-how that is suitable for your unique situation as you have your own learning style, physical tensions, emotions and personality - you don't seem to fit the mold of other programs.

You wish someone could just help you make sense of it all  ....look no further, we have the solution..

Our 4 Level Method

Part 1 The Framework

Overvew of the Program, the learning journey and the Biggest Hindrance to Connecting

Part 2 The Human

Here we help you with the right mindset & perspectives to ensure the knowledge and skills you continue to acquire are framed correctly

Part 3 The Horse 

Horse Care & Understanding Essentials from Basic to Advanced

Part 4 The Connection Between 

The Aspects of the Human-Horse Connection with Care, Training and Riding Principles

What's You'll Learn

You'll journey through essential practical components that integrate together to help shape your thinking to facilitate understanding and connection.

 Gain a practical perspective of horsemanship and horse care

 Identify, understand and dispel doubts that lead to fear and anxiety

 Have the comfort of a broad and insightful framework that not only provides you with a pathway but shapes your thinking for troubleshooting

 Learn factual information about horses that is derived from science and hands-on experience

 Gain insight from perspectives that clear doubt, confusion, dispels myths and provide a better understanding

 Appreciate, understand and communicate with horses better so you can enjoy them and achieve better results

 be led by someone who has done the work and can connect the dots for you in a way that makes sense to you and horses

 Gain a better understanding of what you need to do and how you can improve your abilities

Centaur Connection

“I had previously had a major horse riding accident that had put me in hospital. Although the physical injuries had healed my confidence was in tatters. I was going to give myself one last chance of trying to get back in the saddle or I will give up. I did some research and found Tracy at Centaur Connection.
Her ability to focus on core emotional intelligence is outstanding, and to make sense of all of the horse, what I need and all the other information and she has given me my confidence back. I now look to the future having a open mind and a growing passion for what I love. ”

Centaur Connection

“I highly recommend Tracy.

Her knowledge, expertise and absolute love and affection for animals and clients are truly impressive and infectious!

Tracy knows exactly what type of horse and rider are suited, she made me feel very safe and confident the whole time. I encourage anyone, young or old to see Tracy at Centaur Connection, I had the most amazing time and can't wait to ride again ”

Centaur Connection

“Tracy teaches with empathy for both people and horses. She communicates and observes with more insight than any other trainer I have worked with.

Encompassing human and equine understanding she pieces each piece of the puzzle together in a way that it makes perfect sense.”

The Origins and Why We Created this Program 

The origin's of this program comes from over 44 years experience training horses and later training people, and discovering that there is a plethora of contradictory information about horse and human training, behaviour, optimising health and care that led to a quest to discover not only what made sense, but to find methods and solutions that resonated are effective, simple and achieved rapid transformational results in a way that horses and people willingly and playfully embrace change to develop their true self and capability.   

Key Points that I Discovered:
* lots of information that is contradictory and many myths, misconceptions and generalisations.
* lots of research on behaviour is based on wild horse population environment. A domestic environment with restriction or excess leads to different needs and behaviours.
* Product recommendations are like the human vitamin and drug industry. Many product claims are also based on contradictory evidence and often associated with human and rodent studies.
* everyone has an opinion, not necessarily the right one even if they look confident.
* No question is black and white - the environment and the circumstances in that moment as well as the abilit to implement something and manage it all has to be factored in

Connecting with horses is not a destination, it's a journey, and every horse you interact with will teach you something new. It's not only a journey about the horse. It's a journey into your own sense of self and how you relate to the environment. 

This program

  • teaches you how to see things from an better perspective and understand how to select the appropriate knowledge and apply it for better results.   
  • It brings together interconnected principles from behaviour, nutrition, reproduction, biochemistry, physiology knowledge along with specialised training in human behavioural sciences, Equine Oriental Medicine and other complementary therapies. 
  • teaches how to connect and work with horses. 
  • teaches you self-awareness and skills development to tap into your own innate capability and leadership potential

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