Equestrian Retreat

2 x 1 hour lessons

Overnight luxury accommodation

Dinner and breakfast included

Airport pickup from Cairns available weekdays

Additional personalised coaching available 


Equestrian Retreat

With increasing requests for lessons and clinics from out of town clients and clients who want more time here, Centaur Connection offers an Equestrian Retreat Package.

The Equestrian Retreat Package includes an afternoon and a morning lesson which can be on one of our school horses or your own. Luxury accommodation, dinner and breakfast are also included for $350 total.


This means you can enjoy your travel and enjoy the Equestrian Experience offered here. Additional services including transformational coaching with me for stress management, and personal development are also available.

We are located in South Cairns, just north of Innisfail and airport pick-up and drop off can be arranged.

Our Trainer's teaching method is all encompassing as a horse trainer, instructor, coach and healer.    


Training incorporates  classical dressage principles for my lessons, my focus is on horse and rider connection, biomechanics, behaviour and training issues.