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Behavioural & Capability Development

* Behavioural Management & Capability Development support and programs

suitable for all clients and customised for clients with anxiety, behavioural issues 

* great results for NDIS clients (we respect confidentiality - references available)

* over 40 years experience, with post graduate qualifications in Animal Science, along with psychology, professional coaching and health studies

Behavioural & Capability Development

 Centaur Connection offers several programs structured as individual and group activities for behavioural and capability development according to participant ability and different learning styles. 

We have been established for over 10 years and provide professional training in horsemanship, personal growth and skills development in an innovative learning format working with horses in undercover training facilities designed with safety and comfort in mind.

Our teaching method combines horsemanship skills with leadership methods from project management, behavioural science, coaching, psychology, physiology, and health principles in a method that has been structured to maximise the potential of individuals without undermining the sense of self.


Our principal trainer has over 40 years experience, with post graduate qualifications in Animal Science, along with psychology, professional coaching and health. 

All lessons and activities are supervised by experienced trainers.  Horses are selected for their suitability for teaching and management and staff have Blue Card authorisation.

Where it is beneficial to the participant, we are also able to work through consultation with relevant carers and specialists to support the participant’s individual needs and assist them in achieving their individual goals and progress their development.

We have achieved positive and highly transformational results with numerous clients.  As we respect and value the confidential nature of our client’s personal development, references to clients for their success stories are available upon request.

The primary benefits of our programs include:

  • Social Skills & Empathy Development

  • Emotional Awareness & Processing    

  • Self Awareness & Independence

  • Psychological Enrichment

  • Cognitive and Technical Skills Development

  • Physical Wellbeing & Fitness

  • Life Skills & Balance


For a full outline of our Behavioural Management & Capability Development Programs and detailed secondary benefits please email us for details and an assessment of the suitability of our programs for you. 

Pegasus Prosper (Individual Training) 

Our Pegasus Prosper program offers customised private tuition to provide more individualised training on the development of specific skills catered to individual physiological, psychological, learning, self-esteem, life skills, empathy and emotional development.  

Private sessions are structured to enhance the individual’s learning style and include hands-on skills development and coaching to improve participant’s results.