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Centaur Connection's Horsemanship Mastery Program is a result of having overcome the myths and misconceptions through research and trial and testing.  

Our founder and trainer specialises in helping horse owners and trainers get to the core of connection, training and behaviour issues and explaining how to quickly address the issue to improve performance.

With over 40 years experience working with horses, Tracy has completed research and post-graduate study in horse training, behaviour, nutrition, reproduction, biochemistry as well as specialised training in human behavioural sciences, Equine Oriental Medicine and other complementary therapies.

She started Centaur Connection as a result of her own learning journey and seeking answers.  Having been directly involved with horses her family were professional Appaloosa horse breeders, over the years she discovered that while there is a wealth of information about how to train and care for horses, many principles were either oversimplified or overcomplicated. 

In her own journey and working with various clients and training horses with training and behavioural issues or high sensitivity, she discovered there is so much conflicting information, myths and misconceptions and so she developed Hormanship Mastery program to help clients with the perspectives and knowledge they needed to get the results they were after. 

Maybe you can relate to the following:

  • you're in a muddle, knowing that you're not communicating clearly with your horse and every time you work with them you can tell they are distressed and confused by you and uncomfortable;
  • you have lessons and they tell you do this do that, and you have no idea what they mean;
  • you've had changes occur in yourself too - you're having difficulties balancing, tension, you over-react; to everything that your horse does just waiting for something to go haywire, your body has changed since you've had children or haven't ridden before or in a while;
  • every year passes and you feel like you're going backwards;
  • everyone seems to have a different opinion that doesn't make any sense - you want to know the reality of horsemanship and horse care;
  • there is so much information out there you can't make sense of it and you struggle to connect the dots to apply the right info for the situation for the best result;
  • you doubt your ability and don't want to make a mistake, especially one that's costly or might hurt a horse;
  • there are a lot of things you've been told that make you scared of horses ;
  • you see people at your agistment facility going to events and winning ribbons, and yet although they're winning, they seem so tense like they're waiting for a bomb to go off just praying for their horse to behave and they are always beating and yelling at their horse; 
  • you just want to make your horse feel at ease and build a partnership so you can enjoy things together.

Horsemanship Mastery is the solution.

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