About Us

By successfully blending wisdom from science
and nature, 
Centaur Connection brings to you
knowledge and understanding of horses
and how to develop your innate potential

By successfully blending wisdom from experience, science and nature, Centaur Connection brings to you knowledge and understanding of horses and how to develop your innate potential. 

Our founder and trainer specialises in horse and human behaviour and precisely pinpointing the core of issues of connection and progression to enable transformational change with healing and personal growth.

About Our Trainer

Our trainer, Tracy Steinhardt, has over 44 years experience working with horses, and has understaken research and post-graduate study in horse training, behaviour, nutrition, reproduction, biochemistry as well as specialised training in human behavioural sciences, Equine Oriental Medicine and other complementary therapies.

The Origins of Centaur Connection - The Why

Firstly, welcome to Centaur Connection.   

As owner, healer, trainer (horse trainer and people trainer), riding instructor and coach at Centaur Connection, I started Centaur Connection as a result of my own learning journey and seeking answers.  Having been directly involved with horses since a toddler, over the years I discovered that while there is a wealth of information about how to train and care for horses, many principles were either oversimplified or overcomplicated. Additionally, in regards to care of horses, there were not many resources based on the Wet Tropics environment of Australia. 

I found over the years, that living in a regional area, the variety of trainers was less than city areas so access to consistent training or finding a trainer that matched interests, riding level and availability was often challenging.  When trainers would visit the region offerring clinics, it was evident that there are many subtle deviations in training styles, rein techniques and principles which can contradict each other, creating confusion while learning.   So to seek answers, most of us ask others for their opinion, however that leads to a different answer from every person, and the answer obtained is not necessarily to right solution for you or your situation.

Once I started professionally breeding Lipizzaner horses, I started to recognise a lot of conflicting information. I was dealing with a plethora of challenges on my own rapidly learning how to handle and train stallions, mares and foals in a difficult environment of the Wet Tropics with heat, rain, fungus, rapidly growing grass that meant if I was going to do this properly I had to source the best resources and learn how to master this for the horses benefit and my own knowledge. 

There was so much contradictory information about horse training and care that didn't correlate with what I was experiencing so I set out to master the queries I had, find the answers and when my horses were happy and cooperative with joy, I knew I'd found the right answers.  My knowledge of health and human behaviour also led me to see crossovers about tapping into everything's innate potential.

Key Points that I Discovered:
* lots of information that is contradictory and many myths, misconceptions and generalisations.
* lots of research on behaviour is based on wild horse population environment. A domestic environment with restriction or excess leads to different needs and behaviours.
* Product recommendations are like the human vitamin and drug industry. Many product claims are also based on contradictory evidence and often associated with human and rodent studies.
* everyone has an opinion, not necessarily the right one even if they look confident.
* No question is black and white - the environment and the circumstances in that moment as well as the abilit to implement something and manage it all has to be factored in


With an endless pile of questions, myths and contradictory information, I was seeing patterns but I could not validate them yet, so I undertook post-graduate study in horse training, behaviour, nutrition, reproduction, biochemistry and blended this with specialised training in human behavioural sciences, Equine Oriental Medicine so I could successfully connect the dots.


So now, with over 44 years experience working with horses since I was a toddler when my parents were professional Appaloosa horse breeders, I bring the best bits of my journey and what my horses and research have taught me and and progressed this into teaching others.

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