Our Trainer


Our founder and trainer, Tracy Steinhardt, specialises in helping horse owners get to the core of connection, training and behaviour issues and explaining how to quickly address the issue to improve performance.

As an experienced and professional Lipizzaner horse breeder, Tracy has bred and trained numerous quality mares and stallions over the years.  The Lipizzaner horse is known to be a sensitive and intelligent horse.  She has an affinity with understanding horses and working with them in a way that they willingly work cooperatively with her.  She has utilised this to assist horses who have developed adverse behavioural and training issues.  She works with horse owners and those keen to learn about horses and ride them, helping them to quickly achieve a cooperative partnership with their horse and overcome any uncertainty they have about how to tackle challenges. 

In order to obtain a much deeper understanding, Tracy completed post-graduate study in horse training, behaviour, nutrition, reproduction, biochemistry, human behavioural sciences, oriental medicine and other complementary therapies, which she incorporates in her teaching. 

Over the years she discovered there is so much conflicting information, myths and misconceptions that could easily lead to the wrong approach and hesitation when working with horses.   

The Thinking Horsewoman Program has been developed to help her clients avoid this confusion and obtain the perspectives and knowledge they needed to get the results they are after.

A Better Way Starts with you.  It Begins with you making a choice and taking charge of your outcome.