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Embrace wisdom from science and nature, 
to learn how to connect and work with horses,
while awakening your innate potential and capability

Our behaviour and response to our environment and all interactions within it, shapes our experience of ourselves, the results we achieve and the quality of life

Centaur Connection teaches how to connect and work with horses while awakening your innate potential and capability.

We offer world-class Development Programs that are innovative and designed to lead you through the perspectives, knowledge and skills application to help you learn about horses, caring for them, their behaviour, as well as riding and training them. Our main point of difference however is that we also help you tap into your own innate capability and leadership potential.

Our founder and trainer specialises in horse and human behaviour and precisely pinpointing the core issues of connection and progression to enable rapid transformational change with healing and personal growth.

We develop confidence in clients especially those who are nervous or experiencing training and behavioural issues with their horse. The foundation of our training draws from understanding how to train the horse to best carry the rider, combined with animal and people psychology to develop emotional regulation. Each client (person and horse) is worked with individually to accommodate their learning style, physical tensions, emotions and personality/temperament, and we keep working to refine and improve your results from previous lessons.


Our origins came from experience training horses and people, and discovering that there is a plethora of contradictory information about the horse and human training, behaviour, optimising health and care that led to a quest to discover not only what made sense but to find methods and solutions that resonated are effective, simple and achieved rapid transformational results in a way that horses and people willingly and playfully embrace change to develop their true self and capability. So while you will learn practical and proven methods to confidently and competently connect with horses for riding and training purposes, you will gain so much more from the experience with our training, with your own development.

Connecting with horses is not a destination, it's a journey, and every horse you interact with will teach you something new. It's not only a journey about the horse. It's a journey into your own sense of self and how you relate to the environment. This program provides perspectives and knowledge that provides you with a framework for you to begin your journey. It is in-depth and broad with concepts that are interconnected.

It is scientifically proven how working with horses is beneficial for people and the horses too. Horses are incredibly intelligent and sensitive creatures that respond with curiosity to our interaction with them. They are masters of reading body language and energy subtleties, and when we interact with them, it forces us to surrender to not relying on words or forceful action. Since horses have their own strong sense of self and will, working with them teaches us about how we manage situations, and provides a mirror reflecting the way we respond to stress and pressure, particularly in unpredictable situations. In order to achieve cooperation with horses without resistance, we need to find alternative ways to build rapport and connect with them. Through this experience, we become self-aware of how we behave emotionally, physically and mentally and through learning and adaptation, we develop leadership traits of respect, boundaries, assertiveness, communication, resilience and adaptability, confidence and competence.

Our Programs bring together key interconnected principles from behaviour, nutrition, reproduction, biochemistry, physiology knowledge along with specialised training in human behavioural sciences, Equine Oriental Medicine and other complementary therapies.

Join us on the journey with our Online Programs and Private Tuition and Coaching, where we will teach you how to see things from a better perspective and understand how to select the appropriate knowledge and apply it for better results.

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Our Practical Horsemanship Connection Program has been designed from the ground up with hands-on experience and knowledge drawn from science and nature to help you truly understand, train and connect effectively with horses while developing your own innate potential along the way

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