The Thinking Horsewoman 

A Better Way Starts with You



Coaching, mentorship & learning resources
for wild-hearted and 
capable horse women
who are 
seeking a better understanding of
how to train their horse for better 

For women who want to confidently tackle any training goal

Through our Thinking Horsewoman program, you'll learn how to take the right approach and work out what you need to implement to build a good rapport with your horse and to help you overcome resistances so you can keep progressing your training goals and build a wonderful connection with your horse. 

This program busts myths and misconceptions, teaches you what you need to know that's getting in the way of your progress, coaches you on how to think and most importantly it shows you how to formulate a plan to reach the outcome you are looking for.   

Bring back the pleasure, and shine in your confidence and capability !


Maybe You Can Relate to the following :

  • you describe your horse's attributes and behaviour as 'it's just the breed', 'it's in pain', 'she's a moody mare', 'it's girthy', 'it doesn't travel on a float'.
  • you get nervous and stressed when your horse isn't cooperating and the only way you know how to deal with it is to punish the horse or avoid the triggers;
  • you're going horse to horse and trainer to trainer and your horse still throws those tricky behaviours in at the worst time; 
  • your horse gets agitated and tense when you're working it, it's so frustrating;
  • everyone has an opinion - there is so much information out there you can't make sense of it and you struggle to connect the dots to apply the right info for the situation for the best result, especially when you're under pressure;
  • you doubt your ability and don't want to make a mistake, especially one that's costly or might hurt a horse so you avoid addressing it in case you can't undo it;
  • you seem to always be arguing with your horse or anticipating some out of the ordinary behaviour;
  • you have tried a lot of different methods and trainers and you feel like you're going around in circles without progressing.

The horse industry is full of myths, misconceptions, beliefs and attitudes that hinder results and limit the potential of you and any horse you work with. 

If you don't have the right starting framework, your entire belief system and the way you address issues will be flawed so you will keep repeating the same patterns over and over without truly progressing.

It doesn't have to be this way. 

4 Integrated Components

Our Program is structured into 4 Levels to Lead you on the Journey

Part 1 The Framework

Overvew of the Program, the learning journey and the Biggest Hindrances to Connecting


Part 2 The Human

Here we help you with the right mindset & perspectives to ensure the knowledge and skills you continue to acquire are framed correctly

Part 3 The Horse 

Horse Care & Understanding Essentials from Basic to Advanced

Part 4 The Connection Between 

The Aspects of the Human-Horse Connection with Care, Training and Riding Principles

Face Uncertainty with Ease.......

No matter what type of riding you are into or what level of riding or horsemanship you are at, our Thinking Horsewoman Program provides you with perspectives and insight that get to the core of connection and performance issues that underpin any level of riding, training and horse care.

Led by an experienced trainer who connects the dots for you in a way that makes sense to you and horses.

Every topic presented in this program is interlinked in our 4 Level Method and presents a thinking and training style to help you understand and problem solve.  We teach you how to think and utilise knowledge effectively while you develop awareness of your actions and behaviour on the results you are achieving.

Journey through essential practical components that link together:

  • Learn sensible and useful skills and dispel doubts that lead to fear and anxiety
  • Have the comfort of a broad and insightful framework that not only provides you with a pathway but shapes your thinking for problem solving and making sensible decisions
  • Learn factual information about horses that is derived from science and hands-on experience and doesn't treat them like machines
  • Gain insight that clear doubt, confusion, dispels myths and provide you with a more comprehensive understanding
  • Appreciate, understand and communicate with horses better so you can enjoy them and achieve much better results with them